Recommended Participants: 4-8


Escape Rate: 52%

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Description: The President has been evacuated from the Oval Office because of a bomb threat. Your goal is to infiltrate the Oval Office, Disarm the bomb, and get the president the nuclear launch codes in order to start the attack on the enemy. Save yourself and the world all in one hour! Good Luck!



Recommended Participants: 6-10

Oval Office

Description: After searching the world over, you have finally made it to the great Aztec temple. You have made it into the final room, now find the Aztec idol and escape the natives before it's to late. Beware of the traps that guard your prize, and be sure to channel the ancient mathematicians along the way.  We are counting on you to get it done.

Description: The guards have all responded to a fight in the mess hall. Now is your chance to break out and escape before you are put on death row. You are innocent, but there is only one way to prove it. You must escape before they return, use your logic and instincts to go undetected, and escape to freedom before it's too late.


Escape Rate:

Recommended Participants: 4-10




Escape Rate: 


EXITHISis Mansfield's first live escape room entertainment. Our team strives to deliver not only the most creative yet challenging escape rooms, but also one that leaves you wanting more.

At EXITHIS Escape & Challenge Rooms, we believe the ultimate escape room experience should involve not only the complexity of the challenge itself but also the environment in which players are immersed. With the level of technology our team has utilized, our rooms have the additional "atmosphere" element that will better immerse the players into the stories and challenges. Over and above the traditional puzzle solving, we aim to enhance the players' experience by appealing to players' senses and so conveying a sense of reality. Finally, we place great value in the uniqueness of players' experience and with that we hold ourselves to the highest level of quality in customer service. Your experience is our promise to you.

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